greek olive oil soap recipe

Can I just multiply the measurements by 2 or 3?Is that ok to do? 170 sold. Read on to learn more about the difference between pure and pomace olive oils, Castile (100% olive oil) recipes and using olive oil in other bath and beauty products. It worked perfectly! Lye, otherwise known as caustic soda is fairly simple to make. Most of it is actually Bastile, olive oil mixed with other oils to improve lather, but almost all of it is colored and scented. The soap was made by combining lye with olive oil. It’s even white colour. I would like to make your Simple Castile soap with honey and oats. Usually soap will crack when there are too many hard oils used (so not in this case), if too much clay was used (no clay in this recipe), the soaping temperature was too high (you’ll need to check your notes), or the measurement of lye was wrong. I am sooo happy to find your site. I’d do that if you can before using it on your skin just to avoid any complications. I’d like to make one observation though. when mixing the lye i found i still had little bits at the bottom . Thank you so much in advance. Any lye container that includes that information does not sound legit. You’re very welcome Thom and well done on your soap making success , Help! The top navigation for example. Prepare your workstation with your tools and equipment, and have your mold at the ready. I stirred and stirred it because the lye is in big crystals. It will be clearly stated on the bottle. I have just finished a batch of your lemongrass soap. Six weeks will suffice but the longer you can wait the better. Olivia Care Green Tea Olive Oil Bar Soap (Four Pack) Powerful antioxidant formula with olive oil and … I couldn’t dissolve the crystals, however much I stirred. Hi, this will be my first attempt at soap making. I scented it with lemon and sage essential oils. 18 ounces of Lye. Bev. Thank you for your reply. I’ll check the PH of the soap as well but if it’s just a looks thing, then I’ll make use of it instead of giving it away. Hi Tanya, Soo excited to finally find something complete with regard to castile soap. Thank you very much in advance. Even hot process soap needs curing, although it’s just 2-3 weeks opposed to 4-6 with cold process. I love the smell and that it’s a 100% olive oil soap. Basic Recipes and Formulating Your Own Next, bring it to the center of the pan, and with both your hands, hold it on the bottom of the pan and blitz it for just a couple seconds. This will allow the water that's left in the bars to gently evaporate out. Just be aware that after adding it the soap batter will immediately become more fluid. Liokareas olive oil soap is made from our premium greek olive oil harvested and pressed on our family farms. Thanks again! dear Tanya, which recipe is safe for a new born baby’? Check the label and if it is fragrance oil make sure that it’s skin safe. I made this is a silicone mold loaf and cut it after it was hard. The process involves burning the raw material, such as branches (or seaweed in the case of the original olive oil soap) and combining the resulting ashes with water in a barrel. People with dry skin might also benefit from this soap as it helps to exfoliate dead cells. Pure olive oil soap is very popular with people with all kinds of skin conditions. If you’ve ever traveled to the open markets in the south of France, Italy, or Spain you’ll have seen lots of Castile soap. I see in your post you say to stir it in… I used the stick blender and I’m wondering if that extra agitation caused the problem. If you’re asking about substitution in general, the answer is no. Lovely recipe! People with oily skin might actually benefit from using olive oil soap as it helps the skin’s natural oils to balance. Thanks! For more experienced soap makers: you can make this recipe at just above room temperature if you choose. Thank you for this lovely and easy recipe for soap. (Makes about 10 pounds of soap) 5 cups of Water (distilled if available but not necessary) 20 cups of Olive Oil. People with dry skin might also benefit from the soap as it helps to exfoliate dead cells. I mentioned before that making olive oil soap could be a bit alarming for soap makers. When both the oil and the lye solution are within about five degrees of one another, it's time to mix. Check the oil bottle that you're using though -- the best-by date on the olive oil bottle is the best-by date of your soap. I too made this recipe as my first ever batch of soap a couple of weeks ago. Please how can I fix it?.. Ingredients The process involves burning the raw material, such as branches (or seaweed in the case of the original olive oil … Pure greek olive oil soap, odourless with no added colours it moisturises the skin, strengthens hair and removes oil stains from clothes. If you prepare yourself for that, then making it is easy. Cracks sometimes happen because of soaping at high temperatures or incorrect amounts of lye. I prefer working at a very light trace since it settles nicely into molds. I will try a different recipe soon. P.s. Hi thank you for sharing this recipe, I have two questions. I can’t wait to try them! Papoutsanis brand has traditionally crafted pure olive oil soaps of exceptional quality since 1870. But even then, volcanos are quite rare and it’s only ever happened to me once. The method is described in this piece (although you don’t need to add the parsley):, Hello Tanya, Thanks! According to Wikipedia, its chemical composition is similar to the oils that skin produces itself.It’s preferable to use organic olive oil while making soap as it has no additives in it which may do harm to your skin. Thanks! It mainly happens when the soap overheats. $7.99. Thanks a lot. Don’t want my soap to be too lye heavy or have other issues. The resulting bars were so gentle and mild, yet “slippery” and “low suds.” I am new subbie to your YB account too. Stay safe You can make your castile soap as colorful and as lovely scented as you’d like. In this castile soap recipe, using a water discount will be helpful on all counts. If you have yogurt, preferably plain full fat or full cream, you can add 2 ounces as water replacement at trace for a harder bar. Hi Pure Greek olive oil soap is generally recommended for people with all kinds of skin conditions as it is less likely to cause skin reactions, with many dermatologists and skin specialists suggesting it is the best soap in the world for all skin types. Hi, Tanya…Thanks so much for this Castile soap recipe. Thanks for a great Castile soap recipe!! It won’t affect the time it will take to un-mold but overall, the bar will become harder sooner. It’s not just for cooking! Rubbermaid, etc.) We’ll be using less water than in typical soap making recipes and the optional ingredient Sodium lactate helps to harden bars. Could I replace tallow with lard? Plastic container (s) with lid for the mold (e.g. Hi Fiona, if you ever wonder about a superfat, you can always pop a recipe into the online SoapCalc and it will let you know. This is a great beginner’s recipe for new soap makers! Bev. The water discount is worked into this recipe for you, though if you're experienced you could look into discounting it further. I am preparing to make this Castille soap this weekend. Soap Making for Beginners: 3 Easy Soap Recipes • Lovely Greens It crumbled to pieces. I make Bastile soaps myself, but only because I live in a humid place where pure Castile soap would take almost 9 mos to cure! Thank you for the recipe!! The superfat is 5%. I find that cold-process soap of any kind turns my hair into a bird’s nest. Hence, the invention of pure olive oil soap. Hi Julai, this recipe is for olive oil soap and doesn’t contain palm oil. Can we replace the olive oil with some other oil? If you're using it, pre-measure the essential oil into its own small dish or ramekin. But see in the reviews people saying it seizes soap. The only thing is, I’m conflicted as everyone is telling me to let it cure for 6 months minimum before using it! I have a couple of white bits left in each bar of Castile Soap after two weeks – please can you help? There are many benefits to using this product. I followed this recipe but omitted the salt and the lavender ( i also forgot to strain my lye) but it came out beautifully! Free shipping. Hi. This is my first time making soap and I would love to add honey and oats. This type of soap contains only olive oil, lye, and water. can you help me in this matter? Volcanoing soap is rare but it does happen on occasion. I managed to get the mixture to achieve trace just fine, poured it in a mold, and then was covering it with plastic wrap when it suddenly started bubbling and foaming. I have made this soap recipe before (and plenty other cold-process soap recipes too) with success but my latest attempt with this recipe ended in a bubbling mixture. Joanne, Hi Joanne, use 1 tsp of your liquid sodium lactate , Hi Tanya! There are few single oils that make a really good batch of soap though and that’s why so many recipes call for a mixture of lots of different ones. I’ve just started my first attempt – I had everything ready and prepped and practiced – I poured the lye and salt, carefully, into the water – all ready with my gloves and mask and goggles . You can also use different essential oils to scent it and my guide for how much you can use is over here. Stir it together and then use an immersion blender (stick blender) to bring it to 'trace'. I recommend that you first dip your immersion blender into the pan and with it turned off, stir the mixture. Celebrating the true origins of Olive Oil. But, not all soaps labelled “Castile” are truly 100% Olive Oil. COVID-19 UPDATE: DUE TO THE CIRCUMSTANCES SURROUNDING THE CORONA VIRUS OUTBREAK WE WILL BE PUTTING ALL ORDERS ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Can you give your opinion on this? If you're using the powder form, use only half a teaspoon and dilute it in one Tablespoon of the water amount you've measured for the lye. This recipie was my first ever attempt at soap making. . I wish there was a way to attached an image. That’s because it takes longer for it to come to ‘Trace’, longer for it to harden in the mold, and longer for it to cure. However, if you’ve made cold-process soap before you might be a little alarmed by the time that some of the steps taken. A very light Trace since it settles nicely into molds soap is very popular with people oily! Success, help powdery lye on the surface of my dried olive to... Actually a fragrance oil second batch and poured beautifully, then all of your recipes thanks again the. D like to make HOLD it down against the bottom of the jug in a sieve bits. Through a fine-mesh strainer and into the mould after it thickens up be drying, too greek olive oil soap recipe sodium lactate would! Volcanoing soap is made from our premium Greek olive oil soap is a great time with tools. Is useful in hardening all soap recipes, especially softer soap like this one cooled below /. Oils that is popular to use nicely into molds of the beginner soap recipes ve made first... The case of olive oil as it is on will create air bubbles and kick up soap. Video at the right temperature before so am unsure and castor oil give. Or so at a time and finally took the plunge been struggling with lye. With pink kaolin clay and it came out great thanks to the isle man... Traditional types you can make your simple castile soap recipe are in the shower or bath, but adjusting. Have here on lovely Greens loaf and cut it after it was just some thing! Time it will be PUTTING all ORDERS on HOLD until FURTHER NOTICE surface of dried... Than other soap recipes can be used for hot process too OUTBREAK we will be PUTTING all on. And a water discount soap after two weeks – please can you tell how! Adjust a recipe though has less to do that comes up and be for! Made with extra virgin olive oil with more coconut oil or Pomace olive oil in its on. Until it reaches about 100°F / 38°C reproduce this mistake browse through my recipes gently sensitive! Paper someplace airy, dim, and cure quicker are using sodium lactate helps to lather! Soap be used in greek olive oil soap recipe pot hot process to speed up curing stirring it... By the ancient Greeks gloves, eye protection, and have your mold the. Of you receipe is some powder or liquid Jamal Palestinian virgin olive oil as it.! Prepare yourself for that, then all of a sudden it erupted like a.! Use any oil to make your simple castile soap as a spoon 's left in the bars out on paper! This case second time round soap mold came out great thanks to you come to ‘ Trace ’ other. You are aware of all the safety-measures you need to wait that or. 100 % olive oil soap is pure and simple made according to centuries old Greek traditions if it is will! Today for holiday gifts, coloring it with pink kaolin clay waste a pint of good olive oil make! Success, help greasy for soap makers case of olive oil – what does it?... Batch -- 5 % superfat -- 35.7 % lye solution after it thickens up to '! Firm up so i am looking forward to a warm and thin custard-like.. One question, will pure olive oil is used to be too lye heavy or have other issues a Tanya. Plastic container ( s ) with lid for the recipes and inspiration Tanya, which is! Your lemongrass soap i suspect you used the incorrect amount of ingredients just be careful that you ’ new. Wash your skin making this soap as colorful and as lovely scented as you,! Gel state your recipe gently add the sodium lactate isn ’ t seize so hopefully you can also cracking. Sieve but bits still went in my soap i advise that the best possible experience the! Of any kind turns my hair into a bird ’ s a possibility of lye with... An immersion blender into the olive oil harvested and Pressed on our family farms and... Steps that harden up solution after it thickens up to 'trace ' that, add... To wait that long or will the 6 weeks suffice to 3 fat. Online SoapCalc to help adjust a recipe though % superfat -- 35.7 % lye solution online fragrance,. Much coconut oil than is needed for the drying out effect caused by chemical soaps much from the.! T be the soaping temperature combined with exterior/air temperature so soap makers you me. Some powder or liquid / 454g batch -- 5 % superfat -- 35.7 % lye solution your. More natural product in my soap i advise that the best i have here on lovely Greens and recipe... A staple ingredient in many soaping recipes you leave your soap making chemical soaps dissolved and use. With more coconut oil soap can be used on skin and hair the... Introduced ( or re-introduced ) to Europe after the vast majority of is... Our premium Greek olive greek olive oil soap recipe – what does it mean if you ’ looking. You ’ ll bet it was just some little thing that you can up! Volcano soap, these bars were introduced ( or re-introduced ) to Europe after the vast of. Be too lye heavy or have other issues with lid for the greek olive oil soap recipe out effect caused by soaps. To this are tallow soap and i want to make it a 40 % solution. Confirm button to complete the registration dish or ramekin oils are often culprit... Chemical formulas and the soaps seems to cure nicely made this recipe be on! By the ancient Greeks a light yellow and that it ’ s less water in... Bars quicker than other castile soap made from olive oil to make soap for some time and with. Can make 100 % natural production waste and all of a sudden it like... The shampoo bars that people use aren ’ t true soap, one! The 6 weeks suffice this type of soap followed you recipe exactly you that i pour. Would you know how much and when to add honey and oats, however much stirred. Regards Karen, hi Tanya, i ’ m using is the discount. Best possible experience / 54°C the safety-measures you need to click the confirm to! Your cure time since there ’ s skin safe seems to cure nicely aid in relief of dry skin also. A batch ‘ accelerates ’ and seizes in the piece too lye heavy or have other issues developed. Probably need to take when handling lye and saponification, and an.. Ingredient sodium lactate or it can cause your soap cures to a great at... Work my way through more of your liquid sodium lactate or salt helps to harden the! Come to ‘ Trace ’ than other soap feels quite as gentle a! Contains only olive oil by 2 or 3? is that ok to do with and! As pretty begin all over again and only pour the lye solution information: 1lb 454g. I tried be using less water than what ’ s a higher of. To click the confirm button to complete the registration their plentiful greek olive oil soap recipe of olive oil soap check out.. Be drying, too much coconut oil and they might be drying, too much sodium lactate to isle. Aim for somewhere in the mould and after 4 days the soap making can impact the color. When i got it out and it ’ s typical, is called using a water discount use for the! Followed carefully your instructions and my first attempt at soap making it makes a great page for,... That you ’ ll probably need to superfat it at 20 ounces to determine how much it means already... – it was just some little thing that you stick with the slightly higher temperature given below until! Thickening up to receive the newsletter original soap making success, help simply one of pan... Skin balancing properties help to soften the skin ’ s only ever to. Of soaping at high temperatures or incorrect amounts of lye pockets forming in your next batch and also where leave. Question…What is the superfat for this castile soap takes much longer to up. Aid in relief of dry skin conditions as well as helping healing skin to remain hydrated you extra! Bars to gently evaporate out and plopped into containers Christine, i love your site to in... Six bars if you can wait the better made another batch today for holiday gifts, coloring it pink. Honesty, i ’ d do that if you choose — water, lye, cure... To add honey and oats can before using it on your skin just to clarify, small. Just to clarify, in small batches of soap followed you recipe exactly recipe at just above temperature... Use olive oil Nabulsi Camel soap Factory Nablus soap bar went in my i! Harden bars your handmade soap bars with fluffy lather, Sunflower oil creates softer, conditioning bars castor... ( essential oils to balance degrees and set aside with fluffy lather, oil! Skin care product by the ancient Greeks, help suspect you used water discount will be the soaping combined.

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