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IV. 96. How did you first hear about Changemakers? Essential contents of a Business Plan in a simple format. A nonprofit business plan is just like any business plan which shows a concise setlist of objectives and course of actions to take. We do not like partners with businesses ,except in marketing or value addition to Minor forest produces or Non -Timber Forest Produces .We also avail information on marketing factors including prevailing rates for NTFPs. Many NGOs will be invited and involved as resource organizations . A business plan is a detailed blueprint for the activities needed to establish a business (i.e. The communities also came forward for improving the living conditions, especially health and education aspects. (yes/no), Does your organization have any non-monetary partnerships with government? 3,000 to Rs. Our Organization visualizes that the backwardness and deprivation of some section of the society are the manifestation of the unequal and unjust structure, where a few control power and resources. In lobbying and advocacy efforts we will be involved networks from grass root to district level and expecting support for the cause. Should you be interested in attending these programs, you can call the following organizations or visit their websites: PTTC tel # (02) 4688962-64, 8319988; Training Resource Center tel # (02) 727-6205 loc. Cluster workshops. Accounting for over 85% of employment for the people of Ethiopia, agriculture is vital. 12+ Comprehensive Project Plan Examples; 9+ Event Project Plan Examples; Community-driven projects serve as the perfect way for residents to recognize the challenges that their own neighborhood is facing, and to provide solutions to common problems that the entire community can benefit from. The land is not viable for agriculture due to lack of irrigation and uncertain rain, and even no scope for dry land cultivation. REACH has working mainly with the Target Groups Families –landless, small and ,marginal farmers with priority to women and Dalits. d. Social Evils : TG families are victims of social injustice and prejudices due to caste and gender. This in turn not only leads to their displacement, but also alienates them from their cultural heritage, which is an inherent part of their life style. Describe the primary problem(s) that your project is addressing. BUSINESS PLAN: SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOOD PROJECT: RESPONSE TO THE SOCIAL AND LIVELIHOOD NEEDS FOR THE COMMUNITY THROUGH POULTRY FARMING, RESELLING OF TREES AND SEEDLINGS AND REHABILITATION AND CONSERVATION OF MISSI WATER CATCHMENT AREA. Initiate water and soil conservation works under NREGA. Organizing the vulnerable communities and create awareness about their rights and help them to analyze the reason for poverty and deprived ness. Like wise, the community will be sensitized to utilize effectively the mechanisms to ensure transparency and accountability . Conduct Regional Economic Assessment Activity 1.1. It has extended service in community health and education, children and women rights, checking irregularities in PDS and NREGA, women property rights and empowerment of Gram Sabhas and strengthening PRIs. Organized rural poor ,landless women ,through Self Help Groups and Krishi Karmikar Sangha ; b. Organizing target group families into Self help Groups ,laborers groups . The activities of the project from the sample proposal on ‘Women’s Sustainable Livelihood Development through Microenterprises’ are given below: Objective 1. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Describe the steps that your organization is taking to make your project successful. Acceptable Purposes of Loan 1. ORG will organize 4 1-day workshops (1 per More than 15 years ,since 1994 . Community initiatives in approaching GPs for developmental work , increased number of participation in ward and grama sabha s . developed the Livelihood Assessment Tool-kit (LAT). Sustainable income and employment on an average 250 days in a year . Non-profit/NGO/citizen sector organization. To address the poverty and vulnerability involved the target group families in organizing natural resource based livelihood activities like wormy composting, fish rearing, sheep rearing , dairy, vegetable cultivation, nursery, etc., We have also imparted training to SHG members on skill development and community enterprises in the area of tailoring, Candle and Agarabathi making, embroidery and knitting, TV and Radio repair, mushroom cultivation, bowl and basket making, etc., recently the Department of Watershed, Government of Karnataka appointed us as resources organization for imparting training to SHG members on income generation activities. the livelihood asset-building that contribute to the process of finding or developing a sustainable income source. Yes, our organization has been governed by Seven Board of Directors ,headed by President elected in Annual General Meeting . To learn more, view our, Report on evaluation of Geta N Kinagop and Kiburu PFMP CFA and enterprises revised 30th nov 2014 (1), Formal and informal contract farming in poultry in Bangladesh, Hohenthal, J., Räsänen, M., Owidi, E., Andersson, B., Minoia, P. & Pellikka, P. 2014 Community and institutional perspectives on water management and environmental changes in the Taita Hills: Research report, INFPD Newsletter Vol.

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