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Personal Moderator. Elijah Manor created a great CSS animated hamburger icon, and we're going to use that method. Check out my responsive dropdown menu on CodePen, which uses all the best practices we’ve covered in this guide. Generally, we like simple, utilitarian menus for their usability and versatility. Whirling CSS3 dropdown menu [Demo] – [Download & Turorial] 14. Remove the left float from the list. Actually, the menu bar provides info about websites, which users need. 13. Let's start with the menu itself. This is an issue that is mostly noticed by developers, as your average user probably isn't constantly resizing screens and toggling menus. This mega menu mainly powered by Bootstrap framework and jQuery that comes with smooth CSS transitions and animations, best for content heavy websites. See the Pen Responsive Dropdown Navigation Bar. The submenus are revealed with a hover on desktop sizes and a click/tap on mobile sizes. An awesome, cross-platform and cross browser Bootstrap 4 responsive mega menu on hover. It's a regular list, wrapped in a semantic nav tag. How To Create a Mega Menu, Learn how to create a mega menu (full-width dropdown menu in a navigation Create a dropdown menu that appears when the user moves the mouse over an Responsive Top Navigation to learn about how to create a responsive navbar. HTML for Responsive Drop Down Menu. • Similarly, create a list of navigation links using ul with class name “menu”. Nested menus are crucial for any detailed site with 10+ pages. On CodePen: 3. Now we float the list items to the left and style the a tag. The li will be set to position: relative, which doesn't do anything yet, but will be explained a few steps down. In 1998, Ms. Ramos received her master’s in science in Nursing as a family Nurse Practitioner from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, School of Nursing in May 1998. There is an underline effect you will see when you will hover on any menu item. 14. If you're a beginner in web design and you only know basic HTML & CSS then you can also create this type of navbar or dropdown menu bar. George uses some existing Foundation styles to create a responsive mega menu with just CSS. ... We’ve created our CSS only multi-level responsive mega menu. But I have found an attractive and responsive drop-down menu. When the user resizes the window the nav will shrink, any overflowing items will be removed from the visible list and get prepended to a … In this case you’ll find a simple list of links with a very small dropdown. For now, hide the ul and we'll work on the hamburger.